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About Chisholm Knives

     My name is Michael Chisholm Lee.  I recently retired from the Military after just under 28 years of service.  About 7 of those years was with the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington.  The rest of the time was either in school or in Special Forces.  

     I have been making knives for the last 20 plus years, to some extent or another.  I started with making wooden knives and swords for my four sons.  Eventually, I got into files, saw blades, and cheaper manufactured blades. 

     About 8 years ago, while looking for a quality blade, I met Gene Martin.  He is a bladesmith and has many years of experience.  I have been using his blades since because of the quality and craftsmanship. Although, he is in Oregon and I am in Tennessee, I have had the honor to call him my mentor and friend.   


What I Do

     My primary focus is custom full tang working knives. I strive to make a comfortable quality knife that can look great and be utilized for it's intended use.  As a kid and in the Military, I have always used my knives.  Comfort and quality are key.

     I also enjoy making custom leather sheaths, Bible covers, journal covers, business card holders, and, bracelets. Additionally, I make pens to compliment the journal covers.



How to Order

E-mail me any questions you may have on any custom Knives, Bible Covers, Journal Covers, or any Custom Work you are interested in.  I can send you some pictures of what I have in stock.  If it's something specific you would like me to make we can talk about it.  My contact information is below.

My Work

Ranger Buddy


The  Ranger  Buddy  was  originally  developed  to  be  a  light  weight  knife  thatcan that can be  worn  on  body  armor  in  the Military.  It’s great  to  always  to  have a knife, but  body  armor  can  get  heavy.   A  big  knife  is  cool,  but  it’s  heavy and  can get  in  the way  of  more  important  stuff.  

Great  knife for  camping, hiking,  

Length: 8.2" - 8.5 "  

Handle: 4.2" - 4.5 "Blade: 3.75" - 4"

Steel: 1075/1080/1095

Thickness: 1/8” or 5/32”

Handle and Liner

Leather Sheath included

Ranger Buddy (Light)


The Ranger  Buddy  (Light)  has  a  550  cord  handle  and  has  a  vinegar  patina  to  reduce  the  glare  and  corrosion.

Length: 8.2" - 8.5 "

Handle: 4.2" - 4.5   Blade: 3.75" - 4"

Steel: 1075/1080/1095

Thickness: 1/8” or 5/32”

Kydex Pancake sheath included

Stubby Boot


The Stubby Boot is a Gene Martin design.  A great little work knife, my favorite.   This is what I use daily in my shop.    It’s a  great  knife  to  throw  in  the day  pack  for  hiking  and  it’s small enough  to  carry  in  your  pocket  with a  pocket  sheath.

Length: 7”   Handle: 3.25”-3.5”     Blade: 3”-3.25”

Steel: 1075/1080  High Carbon

Thickness: 1/8” 

Handle and  Liner

Leather Sheath included


Past Work


Pancake Kydex Sheath with Ranger Buddy (Light)


Past Work

More of My Work



The  Theodore  is  named  after  my  fourth  son.   This knife is a no nonsense straight back design.  The tip has a slight drop  with a long belly.    A knife  That will  put  up  with heavy  use.

Length:  9.5”-10”  Handle:  4.5”-5”  Blade:  4.5”-5” 

Steel:  5/32”  1095  High  Carbon  



The  Bushcrafter  is  a  sturdy  knife  with  a  spear  point.   Midsize  blade  with  a  nice  comfortable  handle.

Length: 9”-9.25”  Handle:  4.5”-5”        Blade: 4.25-4.5

Steel: 5/32”  1095  High  Carbon  



The Keir is named after my first son.  He’s a spirited adventurer.  This knife is a true outdoor tool.  Very similar to the Bushcrafter, but a bit more drop in the blade.  

Length: 9.5”-10”.    Handle: 4.5”-5”  Blade: 4.5“-5”  

Steel: 1/8” or 5/32” 1095 High Carbon

Mosaic Center Pin

Taco Style Sheath



A  classic  design,  theNessmuk  was popularized  by  George  Washington  Sears  who,  wrote  under  the  pen  name, Nessmuk.  He  was  an  outdoors  enthusiast  and  is credited  with  popularizing  Canoeing  and  camping  in  the late  1800’s.   This style of  knife  was depicted  in  his  outdoor  book, Woodcraft.    It has  a  simple  design  with a wide edge.  Great  for slicing  or choking  up  on  while  skinning and  general  outdoor  activity’s.

Length: 8.5”-9”   Handle: 4.25”-4.45”      Blade: 4”-4.5”

Steel: 1/8”  1095  High  Carbon  

Little Buddy

Knife Dimensions
Length: 5,25" - 5.5 "
Handle: 2.75" - 3.0"
Blade: 2.5" - 2.75"
Steel: 1075/1080 

The  Little  Buddy  is a  small  necker  style  knife.    Very  sharp  and  a  nice  little  thing  to  have around.

Length: 5,25"-5.5“Handle: 2.75"-3.0"

Blade: 2.5" - 2.75"

Steel: 1/8”  1075/1080/1095 

Leather Sheath included (Taco Style)


Sheath Styles

Taco (Basic)


Molded  sheath,  made  specific  to  knife  eachj each knife  line.

This  sheath  comes  with  the  knife,  unless  another  sheath  is  specified.

Taco with Dangler


This  sheath  is  a  basic  Taco,  with  a  Dangler  loop added.    

It’s great  for  working  or  outdoor activities, because it  rides  below  you  pant  line.   Very easy access,  specially  for a   work  knife.  This  is  my  work  knife  set  up.

Taco with Clip


I  made this,  because I  like  to  have  a small  knife  on  me.  I use  it  in  my  pant  line  when  working  in  the  yard.    If I don’t  have  a  belt, I clip  this  to  my  waste  band,  pocket,  apron,  or  anywhere  it  will  clip.




More Sheath Styles

Horizontal Carry


Horizontal  carry  is  designed  to  carry  behind  the back.  It  can  be  carried  on the  side  as well.    Very  comfortable.    When  I designed this, I  would  wear  it  all  day.   One  day, I  wore  it  while  working  on  the  yard.    I  forgot  I  even  had  it  on.   The  top  sheath  was  made  for  a  3.5”  blade,  the  bottom  one  was  made for  a  longer  blade.

it  can  be  worn  for  r ight Ishtar or  left  hand  carry.

Bushcraft Sheath


The Bushcraft  Sheath  is  a  mini  survival  sheath.  It  has  a  pocket  that  will  fit  a small Falkniven stone  combo  or  fire  starting  supplies  and  a  small  bit  of  survival  kit.  There  is  also  a  ferro rod  loop, fitted  for  a 1/4”  rod.

The  above  one  has  tie  down  loops  and  a  hole  for  a  leg  tie  if  needed.    The  belt  loop  is a  Dangler  set  up.

Taco Style Examples





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